5 Mistakes Successful People Never Make

5 Money Mistakes Successful People Never Make


8 Terrible Mistakes Successful People Never Make


7 Mistakes Successful People Don’t Make Again

You have always wondered why the rich and successful continue being so yet you are just there. It’s all about doing things that propel you forward. It’s all about knowing which decision to take on a particular matter. It doesn’t involve moving in a crowd; rather it’s all about being independent and using your best judgement on issues.

That said here are mistakes that successful people never make that you can learn from.

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1. Believing in things that are too good to be true

We are human beings and most of the time we want things to work our way. We therefore end up having these preconceived notions that only end up hurting us. Don’t believe in people too much. Give them the benefit of the doubt and understand that they are likely to disappoint you at one point.

Being your own macho man means, putting trust in people, or things around you but at the same time creating your own success path the best way you know how.

2. Doing the same thing over and over again and failing each time

They say that stupidity is doing the something over and over again expecting different results. If you want to be successful, live by this mantra. If something is not working, stop forcing it.

If that person doesn’t feel the same way you do, well, there are more fish where that one came from. The point is that you can’t keep making the same mistakes hoping for a different result every time. Take it from successful people.

Stop and move on.

3. Thinking that budgets are for losers

Well, in a matter of years, it will be quite clear who the winner of the loser of the year medal is. Operating without a budget is another way of shouting to the world that, ‘I want to be poor for the rest of my life.’

Successful people know how to purchase things that are within their budget. Create a budget and live within your means.

4. Failing to see the big picture

Working hard every day at that job without really thinking of the bigger picture that is the future in this case is not winning you any medals. Smart and successful people know how to balance work and at the same time not lose sight of what is important.

Make calculated goals projecting your future and work towards that. Don’t just work because you want to earn something at the end of it, work because you want to become something in future.

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5. Trying to be someone you are not

In this age and era, it is common for you to pretend to be someone you are not in order to fit into a crowd. Well, do you know what is sad about that? At the end of the day, it’s all about you. You have your own life. People move on and they leave you there.

Be who you are and stop acting like someone else’s shadow. You are unique so don’t lose sight of that.

I always say that there is nothing like failure, only lessons. Learn from those lessons and move on with your life. Smart and successful people don’t let small mistakes divert then from what is important.

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Lilian Wamaitha is a Communications and Digital Marketing Officer at Career Point Kenya. Contact her via lilian@careerpointkenya.co.ke