Solidarites International South Sudan Consultant to Design a WaSH Community Based Assessment Methodology today in Malakal 2013


South Sudan – Consultant for Design of a WaSH Community Based Assessment Methodology – Malakal
Mission: Solidarites International (SI) is a humanitarian aid organization, which has been providing aid to victims of armed conflict and natural disasters since our first mission in Afghanistan in 1980.
Our mission is to meet the vital needs of these populations – food, water, and shelter – from emergency situations to reconstruction.

SI is operating in South Sudan since 2006, and it developed activities in emergency and post emergency context, particularly in rural and semi-urban areas.

Its expertise in running emergency WaSH intervention is highly acknowledged by all WaSH actors and donors.
Solidarites International (SI) currently implements 3 kinds of programs:
  • Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • Emergency WASH interventions in the camps
  • DRR WASH pilot project
In South Sudan there are yearly recurrent floods affecting significant portions of the rural area
population and especially hard-hit are the tributary communities in Upper Nile with both direct and
indirect damages to the water supply infrastructures.
Donors, NGOs, and government water ministries alike face the problem of rehabilitating the same water supply over and over again without any serious thought into truly sustainable solution, partly due to the frequent emergency nature of the response.
To achieve true sustainable solution to the recurring water supply problem, multiple issues will need to be tackled. As a result, SI submitted to OFDA a project “Addressing wash needs through a pilot approach to reduce natural disaster risks for tributary communities in flood-prone areas” for 24 months from 1st of July 2013.
The specific objective is to reduce morbidity and mortality from water borne diseases during floods by enabling sustainable clean water access with improved hygiene practices and building resiliency for the tributary communities of Upper Nile state.
Main Objectives:
The Community Based Assessment methodology will take place in the Upper Nile State where SI is
implementing a DRR WASH pilot project with the objective of defining an appropriate design for
shallow wells that would be adapted to the environment, efficient, flood prone and, if possible easily
replicable by the communities.
The general objective of the consultancy is to design and to provide SI team with an appropriate and
tailored-made assessment methodology to provide an in-depth understanding of the practices and
perception of communities on water and disaster impact.
The consultant will have 2 major specific objectives:
  • Provide a comprehensive and tailored-made community assessment methodology with a focus on water and sanitation management and community-based disaster risk reduction
  • To organise training sessions and proper handover to SI teams
The assessment methodology, that the consultant will design, will allow SI to write on report by
communities assessed and will support:
  • Final selection for the new water infrastructure build with support of SI
  • Recommendation on the most appropriate water and sanitation facilities
  • Recommendation on the most appropriate Water management arrangement (within the community)
  • Design a communities water management plan (including DRR components)
The assessment methodology should be based on existing community assessment tools such as
Community Risk Assessment, Climate vulnerability and Capacity Analysis, Village mapping, … (list non exhaustive).
The assessment methodology should be able to fulfill the following objectives:
  • Provide a profile of the assessed communities
  • Provide an in depth analysis of sanitation situation and management in the communities
  • Provide an in deep analysis of water situation and management in the communities
  • Provide a guidance on how to collect primary data : household interview, focus group discussion (male and female), key informant interview,
  • Provide an analysis framework for all the information collected (database, vulnerability matrix, Triangulation of data, etc.…).
The training modules will be designed based on the validated assessment methodology by the Program Manager and the WaSH Coordinator.
  • Organize and conduct training workshop on the assessment methodology, tools and technical documents to SI team
  • Assessment design report
Time Schedule:
Proposed timeframe:
  • 2 days for desk review and briefing
  • 23 days in Malakal
  • 5 days for debriefing at mission and HQ level and finalisation of the deliverables
The consultancy duration should change/precise/adjust according to the experience of the consultant(s).
Profile: To carry out the design and the training of the assessment methodology, Solidarites International is looking for a consultant or a team of consultants with the following profile:
Qualifications required:
  • Post graduate degree on community development, social research or social / environmental sciences
  • A minimum of 10 years of relevant work experience in the field of water, sanitation and hygiene management with a focus on Disaster Risk Reduction
  • Extensive experience and proven track record in the design and implementation of community based programming,
  • Demonstrated experience in participatory assessments (VCA, PRA) and training of multi-cultural team
  • Fluency in English. Arabic is an asset
  • Experience in South Sudan would be a plus
Submission of Proposals
The consultant should submit:
  • A concept note outlining the work plan, the budget and the proposed methodology;
  • A cover letter summarising the experience as it pertains to this commission and two professional references;
  • Curricula Vitae (CV);
  • At least one example of previously performed work, analysis, or consultancy report similar to what is described here (or a link to such a product).
Solidarites International can receive applications from a team of consultants or individual candidates.
This consultancy is funded by OFDA.
The deadline to submit applications is 25th of October 2013.
Contact: For further information on the role, complete ToR and for sending a proposal, please contact Corinne Lorin Recruiter Officer: