National Biosafety Authority Call for Expert Reviewers today 2013


National Biosafety Authority 
Call for Expert Reviewers
The overall mandate of the National Biosafety Authority is to exercise general supervision and control over the transfer, handling and use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) with a view to ensuring safety.
In reviewing applications for approvals, the Authority seeks independent opinion from relevant expert reviewers listed in our roster of experts.

Interested and qualified persons with at least a Masters degree in relevant fields stated in our nomination form are requested to visit our website

Applicants are requested to send their duly filled nomination forms posted in our website to:
The deadline for the application is 25th October, 2013 and those who had previously applied need not apply. For more information, please contact the undersigned;
The marginalized groups are encouraged to apply.
The Chief Executive Officer
National Biosafety Authority