Jesuit Refugee Service JC-HEM Coordinator Job opportunity 2013 in Kakuma, Kenya

Job Title: JC-HEM Coordinator
Location: Kakuma, Kenya
Closing Date: 31st October 2013
Starting date: 2nd January 2014

Organizational Context: Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international Catholic organization, with a mission to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees and forcibly displaced people.

JRS has a priority to work wherever the needs of displaced people are urgent and unattended by others, and offers a human service to refugees and the communities through a wide range of rehabilitation and relief activities, many of which center around formal and informal education needs.

Project Description: JRS has an Education and Psychosocial Project in Kakuma Camp, which is located in Turkana County in the North Western part of Kenya. JRS Kakuma Project implements activities in the following areas: Counseling, Safe Haven (Protection), Mental Health, Scholarship and Tertiary or higher education to refugees called JC-HEM (Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins).

Position Description

JRS is seeking to recruit a suitable candidate for the position of JC-HEM Coordinator.
The Coordinator will be in charge of the day to day running and implementation of programs for JC-HEM in Kakuma refugee camp.
The successful candidate will be required to keep track of budget, infrastructure, assets and staff and ensure that everything runs smoothly.
This person will report directly to the JRS Kakuma Project Director and will keep the JC-HEM Academic Coordinator (USA) updated on all aspects of JC-HEM at Kakuma Refugee Camp.

Position open to  

  • Kenyan nationals; International volunteers
  • Candidates available for 2-year commitment
  • This is unaccompanied post with regular Rest and Recuperation (every 10 weeks)
Key Responsibilities
  • The Coordinator is accountable for track coordination and communication among the JRS-JCHEM project sites, CSLTs (Community Service Learning Tracks) and Diploma Cohorts
  • Assess the needs at each site for CSLTs and Diploma Cohorts and propose the development of specific tracks and courses
  • Design Terms of Reference (ToR) for each CSLT Track facilitator specific to the position, contribute to and oversee the recruitment process in conjunction with other key JRS staff at each site
  • Advise CSLT Track Facilitators and Diploma Liaisons on a process for initial data collection and analysis for the purpose of the development of each CSLT to inform the curriculum development undertaken by US faculty
  • Monitor the design, development and delivery of CSLTs to ensure the content is relevant, contextualized, and culturally sensitive
  • Supervise Site Track Facilitators and undertake performance evaluations as requested by the JCHEM International Director and the JRS Kakuma Project Director
  • Contribute to the quality and outcomes of all JCHEM initiatives in Kakuma Camp on behalf of the refugees served
  • Manage the establishment, development and maintenance of relations with the JRS and JCHEM staff and manage the infrastructure of the program;
  • Manage the delivery of the Academic Credential and the Community Service Learning Tracks (CSLT). This will include but is not limited to:
  1. Active participation with the JRS team including clear, consistent communication about JC-HEM programs;
  2. Provide leadership, management, and staff development with all members of the JC-HEM team;
  3. Work with the JRS Kakuma Project Finance officer to ensure a balanced JCHEM budget;
  4. Engage in on-going assessment of learning needs for students in the Diploma and CSLT.  Ensure qualified JC-HEM tutors are available for student study support ;
  5. Manage provision and maintenance of appropriate infrastructure, inclusive of the Arrupe Learning Centre, security needs, furnishings, maintenance of computers and solar power;
  6. Support the recruitment, admission, registration, assessment and academic, administration, and technical support for students undertaking the Diploma and CSLT credential;
  7. Maintenance and provision of appropriate IT infrastructure including supervision of the on-site JC-HEM IT staff and communication with IT support staff at JC-HEM and at the awarding University. Ensure that there is consistent internet connectivity and students have access to the necessary technological support.
  8. Project management inclusive of meeting timelines, engagement in quality assurance, written reports and leadership for the JC-HEM team;
  9. Manage and track all infrastructure and assets of the JC-HEM program and Arrupe Centre;
  10. Manage diploma and CSLT student overall behaviour in consultation with the CSLT facilitator and diploma liaison and the JRS Kakuma Project Director and make final decisions on issues that arise with students;
  11. Maintain high level of information about what is occurring in the program as a whole so that updates are easily available upon need from the Project Director, Country director or international partners.
Outcome measures of performance:
  • International Faculty and Site Track Facilitators are well-informed of all aspects of CSLT, and the JC-HEM Academic Coordinator is informed about all aspects of the Diploma program
  • Timely reports to JC-HEM International Director and JC-HEM Coordinator or Assistant to JRS Country Director depending on site
  • Evidence of effective communication across tracks and camps: Site Track Facilitators, JC-HEM International Director, website, and active participation in JC-HEM Coordinator meetings;
  • CSLTs are implemented as measured by applications, admission, retention, and participant engagement in the track, and after graduation, in the community;
  • CSLTs are meeting the needs of participants as measured by formative assessments (e.g., student satisfaction measures), quality improvement made (e.g., revisions in curriculum), and external summative assessments;
  • Contribute to JC-HEM goal of at least 30% women participating in education programs
Education minimum:
  • Masters required, PhD preferred in International Development, Education, Community Development or other related fields;
  • Successful experience in degree program at a US University  with history of taking on-line courses preferred;
  • Field experience with those at the margins.
Professional Qualities:
  • Prior experience in project management
  • Experience with virtual learning environments
  • Experience with higher education
  • Minimum two years’ experience in a remote field environment, experience in a refugee camp beneficial
  • Commitment to quality improvement and outcome assessment
  • Exceptional communication skills in English and proficiency in other languages desirable
  • Ability to communicate with IT staff locally and at awarding Universities
  • Understand basic premise of virtual learning environments
  • Ability to identify problems with computers, servers, and power sources, and secure repairs
  • Prior experience with Monitoring and Evaluation of Projects
  • Appreciation of the use of Ignatian Pedagogy in program design and a willingness to learn for future implementation
  • Proactive care of computers and all technology, and solar system
  • Promote effective communication with JC-HEM central office, with the Kakuma Project Director, and with faculty related to student progress
Personal Qualities:
  • Strong leader and experience with team building;
  • Flexible and able to work with and lead a multicultural team;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication and problem solving skills;
  • Ability to adjust to difficult conditions;
  • Ability to take initiative and make wide-ranging program decisions;
  • Strong Report Writing skills;
  • Appreciation for, and engagement with multicultural teams, including staff and students;
  • Maintain confidentiality of all student data.
How to Apply:
Please send your CV, a cover letter that indicates what your current salary is; what skills and experience you have that meets the criteria and your availability.
The CV should include contacts for three referees. Kindly send the application to:

N.B: Applications that have not met these guidelines will not be considered.

Only short listed candidates will be contacted.