Insurance General Manager / Business Development Manager 2013


Our client a startup company in the Insurance Brokerage Industry is in need of a General Manager / Business Development Manager.

Job Profile:

The individual will work with the Board and Executive Management team to define and articulate the company’s strategic vision, revenue and profit objectives and work with the operating team to achieve the set objectives.
The GM is fully responsible for the financial targets of the company/business unit.

Overall Job Description

The company will carry General, Life and Medical Insurance products and services
As the lead insurance broker, you act as the chief intermediary between the company and insurance companies, for both corporate and retail/personal products. This includes product development, underwriting, risk assessment, coordination for regulator approvals where necessary, product testing and claims intermediation.
As the lead insurance broker, you will also specifically act as the intermediary between our corporate clients and insurance companies.
You are expected to use your in-depth knowledge of risks and the insurance market to determine and arrange suitable insurance policies for corporate clients.
As an independent insurance broker, we plan to offer our own products to ensure that customers get the best possible cover(s).
You are thus further expected to use your knowledge of risks and the insurance market to assist the retail product innovation team to design and package products that will pass the basic insurer product evaluation criteria for risk and other considerations.
The GM – Insurance and Corporate will further lead the charge in the stated own-product development strategy and ensure the necessary coordination and alignment with insurers to actualize and roll out such products.
Key Responsibilities
  • This will include revenue and profit generation, including new business development for the corporate division;
  • Gathering information from corporate clients, assessing their insurance needs and risk profile; renewing or amending existing policies;
  • Building and maintaining ongoing relationships with corporate clients including understanding the nature of clients’ businesses and fore-seeing their insurance needs;
  • Researching insurance companies’ policies and negotiating with Insurers to find the most suitable products for corporate and retail clients at best prices;
  • Arranging specialized types of insurance cover in complex cases; this may involve preparing reports and negotiating with insurers;
  • Advising corporate clients on risk management, and helping to devise new ways to mitigate risks
  • Advising clients on claims on their policies;
  • Developing strategic partnerships with service providers in the insurance value chain, e.g. assessors, valuers, distributors and other professionals;
  • Keeping up with changes in the insurance market and in the clients’ industries;
  • While all of the above are the responsibilities of the GM, it is expected that you will build a team to help you in the implementation of the objectives and in achieving the said responsibilities.
Skills and Experience
  • Candidate must be a trained insurance professional with up to date certification and testing in the relevant areas
  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree or equivalent education
  • Must be dynamic and have practical industry experience with a strong understanding of technology.
  • Must have 5+ years post certification experience – Chartered Insurance Institute
  • Must have operating experience in senior management roles and in particular in the execution of new projects and launching of new products
  • Demonstrated understanding of key laws and rules guiding insurance brokers, insurance companies and customers in this market
  • Demonstrated understanding of the use of technology in work and the opportunities in using technology in the insurance industry
  • Ability to lead and manage a team of professionals
  • Excellent written and oral communications, good organization, speed to execute work, maturity, and sense of judgment
  • Must have integrity and high sense of ethical responsibility
If you believe you qualify for this position, please send your CV and details of your current and expected remuneration to:
Only qualified candidates will be contacted.