Bomet County Assembly Jobs vacancy in Kenya: Clerk Assistant, Assistant Hansard Editor, Legal Officer, Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms, Commissionaire, ICT Officers, Admin Officer, Internal Auditor, Fiscal Analyst, Transport Officer, PA & Head of Speakers Officer, Purchasing Assistant, HR Officer and Accountant 2013


Republic of Kenya

County Government of Bomet

The County Assembly Service Board of Bomet

The County Assembly Service Board of Bomet wishes to invite applications from qualified persons for the following positions:-

1. First Clerk Assistant

Ref: BCASB/10/16

The job holder will also be responsible for:
  • Assisting in ensuring adherence to parliamentary procedures, practice, conventions, traditions and etiquette
  • Research involving search of new information/facts by consulting appropriate sources like documents or persons
  • Offering administrative services to the various House Committees, including the County Assembly Service Board
  • Organizing activities pertaining to seminars and conferences for Members of county assembly and staff
Requirement for Appointment
  • A recognized degree in social sciences from a recognized institution.
  • Demonstrable flair for commonwealth and Kenyan legislative procedure
  • Demonstrable interest and commitment to the aims, objectives and principles of a devolved legislature
  • Good command of spoken and written English coupled with good report writing skills
  • A masters degree and experience in managing and serving Boards will be an added advantage
2. Assistant Hansard Editor
Ref: BCASB/10/17
Duties and responsibilities
  • Ensuring timely and accurate transcript of the County Assembly
  • Undertaking independent verbatim reporting of the County Assembly proceedings and those of relevant committees/functions within or outside the Assembly.
  • Preparing transcript for editing
  • Sorting and checking transcripts and amending as necessary
  • Assisting in classification custody, archiving, retrieval and cross-checking of documents against references.
Requirement for Appointment
  • A diploma in journalism or mass communication
  • Degree in relevant field will be an added advantage
  • 2 years relevant experience
  • Excellent computer skills
3. Principal Legal Officer (Re-advertisement)
Ref: BCASB/10/18
The Principal Legal Officer will be in charge of the legal function of the Assembly. Duties and
responsibilities will include;
  • Responsible to the County Assembly on all legal matters
  • Drafting of legislative bills to be proposed
  • Advising on all legal and regulatory statutes and corporate governance
  • Ensuring safe custody of collateral and chattels and other county properties
  • Coordinating the issuance of legal undertakings
  • Advising on negotiations and taking part in corporate deals
  • Drawing contracts and legal agreements on behalf of the Assembly
  • Ensuring compliance with regulatory framework
  • Interpreting and advising the Assembly accordingly on legal matters
  • Scrutinizing Assembly bills to ensure they comply and do not contradict the Constitution.
Requirements for appointment
  • Have a degree in law
  • An advocate of the High Court of Kenya and a member of the Law Society of Kenya
  • Be in possession of current practicing certificate
  • Demonstrated outstanding professional competence, ability and integrity in previous work performance
  • Masters degree will be an added advantage
4. Assistant Sergeant-At-Arms
Ref: BCASB/10/19
Reports to Senior Sergeant-at-Arms and perform the following duties:
  • Enforcing speakers rules
  • Chamber and ceremonial duties.
  • Posting of information boards for Members
  • Ensuring security for personnel and property
  • Providing fire and safety services
  • Accessing control management
  • Crowd control management
  • Investigating incidences
  • Conducting security surveys
  • Maintaining decorum in the parliament precincts
  • Crime detection and prevention
Requirements for Appointment
  • Be in possession of Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education grade C;
  • Have served in the disciplined forces for a period of not less than five (3) years;
  • Be in possession of a diploma or equivalent in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution;
  • Be computer literate;
  • Have a certificate in fire fighting and first aid; and
  • Be in possession of an exemplary service certificate.
5. Commissionaire
Ref: BCASB/10/20
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Allocation of mail to MCAs Pigeon hole
  • Booking of visitors/guests at the entrances.
  • Issuance of entry badges.
  • Screening of strangers.
  • Storage of stranger’s baggage.
  • Prevent removal of institutional property without proper and authorized documentation.
  • Handling of telephone services.
  • Control of vehicular traffic/parking.
  • Patrolling of offices cark lounges etc.
  • Perform periodical security night duties.
Requirements for Appointment
  • KCSE grade C- and above.
  • Shown merit and ability in work performance and results.
  • Previous experience in security will be an added advantage
6. ICT Officer
Ref: BCASB/10/21
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Designing Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN)
  • Coordinating systems development, design and programme specifications
  • Supervising overall systems documentation;
  • Ensuring timely implementation and effective maintenance of systems
  • Developing reports on ICT standards
  • Training of Information Communication Technology Hardware personnel and users
  • Evaluating and recommending on the suitability of Information Communication Technology equipment
Requirements for Appointment
  • A degree in Information and Communications Technology or a related field
  • Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results
  • Served in a similar position in the Public/private Service for a minimum period of three (2) years;
  • Demonstrated professional ability, initiative and competence in organizing and directing work.
  • Appropriate professional certification on ICT will be an added advantage
7. ICT Assistant
Ref: BCASB/10/21
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Provide user support and training of users
  • Assisting in the implementation of the computer systems
  • Writing and testing simple computer programs according to instructions and specifications
  • Monitoring the performance of ICT equipment
  • Reporting any faults for further actions.
  • Repairs and maintenance of ICT equipment and associated peripherals
Requirements for Appointment
  • Diploma in any of the following fields: Computer Science, electrical /Electronic engineering or its equivalent qualifications from a recognized institution.
  • WAN and LAN knowledge
  • Degree in relevant field will be an added advantage
  • At least 2 years experience
8. Administrative Officer
Ref: BCASB/10/22
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Implementing the Assembly’s strategies and policies
  • Plans the use of Assembly materials
  • Carrying out general office management
  • Transport management including designated parking for members and staff
  • Provision of offices for Assembly staff
  • Ensure clean environment
  • Any other duties as may be assigned by the Service Board
Requirements for appointment
  • A minimum diploma in public administration, social sciences or equivalent
  • Demonstrable strategic planning skills and ability to design and implement short, medium and long term plans.
9. Internal Auditor
Ref: BCASB/10/23
Duties and responsibilities
  • Efficient coordination and control of operations in the Audit Department
  • Tallying of expenditure with budget allocations
  • Ensuring compliance with the Assembly procedures and regulations
  • Reconciliation of physical assets with records
  • Determination and assessment of effectiveness and adequacy of existing controls
  • Identifying activities subject to audit coverage and identification of potential risk areas.
  • Carrying out investigations on irregularities identified in audit reports.
  • Safeguarding the Assembly assets
Requirements for appointment
  • A Bachelor’s degree majoring in the relevant field of Audit function: commerce, accounting, economics, statistics, finance or its equivalent
  • CPA K or its equivalent
  • Membership to relevant professional body
  • Demonstrated administrative capabilities and competence with outstanding leadership qualities
  • Have at least five (5) years experience in audit matters
  • Skills in computerizing accounting; IFMIS, SAGE, quick books
10. Fiscal Analyst
Ref: BCASB/10/24
Duties and responsibilities
  • Providing overall direction and administration of the section including guidance and technical expertise on fiscal management; liaising with other County departments and public sector players.
  • Formulating the Assembly annual work plan around the Budget calendar and enforcing its implementation.
  • Providing the framework for regular budget briefings to Members of the Assembly and Committees.
  • Assessment and advise on the strengths and weaknesses County Government Fiscal policies.
  • Provision of professional, timely and objective county budget related information to relevant house Committees and Members
Requirements for Appointment
  • A degree in Economics or its equivalent from a recognized University
  • Have served for at least three (3) years or in public finance related area.
  • Good understanding of national budgetary process and public fiscal policies.
  • Possess at least CPA II and above
  • Team player with good communication and interpersonal skills
11. Transport Officer
Ref: BCASB/10/25
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Supervise drivers in their day-to-day duties
  • Oversee booking and scheduling of vehicles
  • Allocate vehicles and duties to drivers
  • Prepare maintenance / repair schedules for vehicles
  • Ensure all vehicles are kept in good condition
  • Analyze work-tickets and ensure compliance
  • Receive and compile motor vehicle statistics for management use (viii) Manage motorvehicle file registry and maintain motor-vehicle fleet register
  • Coordinate the ordering of new vehicles
  • Vehicle insurance and licensing
Requirements for Appointment
  • Diploma in fleet management/motor vehicle engineering
  • Served in the grade of Driver I for a minimum period of not less than three (3) years;
  • A valid driving license for any of the classes of vehicles which the officer is required to drive;
  • Defensive driving certificate its equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution;
  • Passed the Occupational Test I for Drivers; and
  • Shown merit and ability as reflected in work performance and results.
12. Personal Assistant & Head of Speakers Office
Ref: BCASB/10/26
Duties and responsibilities
  • Coordination of administrative activities in the Speaker’s office
  • Acting as the liaison person between the Speaker’s office and the rest of the County Assembly offices
  • Carrying out research, preparation of speeches and overseeing travel and protocol arrangements in the Speaker’s office
  • Preparation and review of correspondence and reports as directed by the Speaker
Requirements for appointment
  • Bachelor’s degree in social sciences
  • Excellent written and oral skills
  • Good interpersonal and collaborative management styles
  • Ability to multi task and work well under pressure
  • Masters degree will be an added advantage
13. Procurement / Purchasing Assistant
Ref: BCASB/10/27
Duties and responsibilities
  • Procurement of stores
  • Advising on rationing of stores where demand exceeds supply
  • Recommending disposal of unserviceable stores
Requirement for appointment
  • Degree in procurement/supplies management or
  • Diploma in procurement/supplies management with over 3 years experience
  • Served in a similar position or equivalent in private or public sector
  • Proof of merit in job performance
14. Human Resources Officer
Ref: BCASB/10/28
Duties and responsibilities
  • Assist and coordinate HR services in the areas of: Recruitment, promotion, placement, discipline, training and development, staff welfare and interpretation of HR policies, regulations, procedures and systems.
  • Representing the Assembly at industrial courts in cases of labour disputes
Requirements for appointment
  • A minimum of five (3) year’s experience in similar role
  • A Bachelor’s degree in HR, Business administration or other relevant field
  • Possess effective communication, presentation, leadership and relationship building skills
  • Demonstrable passion for service delivery
15. Accountant II
Ref: BCASB/10/29
Duties and responsibilities
  • Undertaking a limited range of management accounting
  • Preparation of final accounts and accounting statements
  • Prepare payments and reconcile with vote heads
  • Ensure all accountable documents are kept safely
Requirements for appointment
  • Holder of CPA II and above
  • Served as an accountant for at least 2 years
  • Shown merit in job performance
All Applications including curriculum vitae and copies of certificates and testimonials should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the POSITION APPLIED FOR CLEARLY MARKED ON THE LEFT SIDE and addressed to:
The Secretary
County Assembly Service Board
P.O. Box 590-20400
Dateline 25th October 2013